An elephant in a porcelain store

An elephant in a porcelain store

That’s me in a specialized store with baby equipment. I came in with self-confidence, but everything ended here.

We went to check out the baby carts. We found them on the other side of the store. There were at least eight. And what now? Probably I can’t test them all? I just slightly moved each of them and checked its weight. I was surprised that some carts had leather handles and real, non-plastic wheels. It’s also interesting that better carts had the price so hidden that you’d first think it’s a serial number of a model, while those cheaper ones had a price written so big that you’d think that this is the best price ever.

With my wife, we probably didn’t give the impression that we could be potential customers, so while we were waiting I wandered off to check out other products.

I’m still confused about diapers, and the situation is the same when it comes to bibs and other supplies.

I looked quite persuasive while I was looking at the high chairs … or maybe they were baby walkers?

I didn’t dare to check out the toys, as I’d look like a kid who has to grab every box and see what’s inside.

Luckily a shop assistant came and gave us some useful information. The next time I come in, I’ll probably be more familiar with this “new” world.

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