An educated dad is a good dad

An educated dad is a good dad

I’ve also done some research on my future descendant and discovered some interesting facts about a child who’ll soon come into the world:

  1. A baby already has a heartbeat.
  2. Other major organs are developing up to ten weeks, which gynecologist also told and showed us at the ultrasound. So, that’s gotta be true!
  3. When the baby is born, it has about 300 bones. Some of them then grow together and at the end, there are 206 bones left and no, sadly the boys don’t have 207 bones.
  4. A baby is able to recognize mother’s voice at birth. The father is obviously unimportant here.
  5. First ten weeks of the pregnancy are really important for the baby and its growth.
  6. After all this time the baby can already feel the touch of his mother. The father is obviously unimportant even here.
  7. By the thirteenth week, a unique fingerprint is already formed. It’s no longer possible to break the law.
  8. At twenty-three weeks it already responds to loud outside noises. Loud snoring and farting are therefore prohibited.
  9. By the twenty-eight week, the baby can smell what mother smells.
  10. After birth, the size of the baby’s eyes only increases by another 25% to an adult size, and now you know why the baby’s eyes are sooooo hugeeee.
  11. Only 5% of children are born on the expected day of birth. 95% of children are late from their birth.
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