Additional Benefits of Giving Birth at Home

Additional Benefits of Giving Birth at Home

I will not go into a tumultuous debate about pros and cons about giving birth at home, but I still find some benefits that domestic birth brings.

You can invite your friends. You can offer different tickets or accesses so that they can also participate in this special moment.

  1. Sound tickets. Friends can move around the kitchen and living room and listen to genuine sounds and screams that take place in the birth room, presumably in the bedroom.
  2. Visual tickets. Once per hour allowed entry into the bedroom so that they can see the screaming mother and the pale father.
  3. VIP tickets. Seeing the birth from the front row. So friends can see the true, actual birth and maybe touch the umbilical cord. Of course, only after the mother is properly covered.

And here are some additional benefits

Informing neighbours in the apartment building. At birth, at least neighbours on the same floor will immediately know that a new family member is coming.

Choosing your favourite bedding. At home, you can choose which colour of the sheets will best fit the pattern of blood and other secretions.

Pets. Of course, they are not allowed in the hospital. At home, you can prepare a fun competition: Who will make a more charming and shocking face at birth, dad or animal?

Logistics matters. Search for the parking lot: not necessary. Packing things for the trip: not necessary. Running and searching the right room (in hospital): again, not necessary.

Regarding all the benefits we will not change our minds and we will do the birth ritual in the maternity ward.

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