A wandering sleeper

A wandering sleeper

The current issue that comes with a baby is insomnia. I admit that I am not used to it and that she attacks me every day in different situations. Let’s see how that acts in everyday tasks.

Situation # 1

I stop at the fruit section of the store to buy apples, which appears on the list of things I need to buy. In the end, bananas end up on the conveyor belt before the cash register.

Situation # 2

Confusion also occurs in naming persons and animals. In addition to the main star, Oskar, we have two cats, Jojo and Peggy. Many times happened that I call Jojo Oskar, Oskar Peggy, Peggy is sometimes Nina. There is no problem with Oskar, he doesn’t understand anything yet. The problem arises when I look at Jojo and say to him, ” Oskar comes to me ”, but nothing is clear to him and he looks at me even more miserable than usual.

Situation # 3

For breakfast, sometimes I automatically start preparing baby formula for milk.

Situation # 4

With Oskar, we come to the store and there the boy naturally turns on the system I described earlier in the One month since I become a dad post. Right when we entered, he started to cry loudly. Of course, the store was full of other crying babies and children pushing their little shopping carts. I felt like in the sea where crying babies were attacking me. In the end, no children were injured and I brought the right one home.

Situation # 5

So that Nina can eat breakfast peacefully, I took control over Oskar. I do this by putting him to bed with me. I am napping and he is crawling here and there. Sometimes I get hit on the nose like a lord hit a shepherd, but it also happened that I opened my eyes and Oskar was sucking my nose.

Situation # 6

At work, from 8 am to 9 am, I mumble verses from the cartoon Maya Bee.

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