A dangerous trend where dad can play a key role

A dangerous trend where dad can play a key role

Lately, a new trend has spread, where pregnant women require doctors not to cut the umbilical cord. This is supposed to be a way for a new mom to stay connected with her baby as long as possible.

Some even go further and they want to eat a placenta from their baby. I had to read this statement several times before including it into this post.

Well, let’s get back to the umbilical cord. The first question definitely is when will the cord fall off? In some cases, it can stay up to 10 days! Medicine, of course, doesn’t recommend such a decision. After the birth, the doctor makes sure that everything is protected and that the umbilical cord is cut in a safe way. A future daddy can also help here. At home various infections can occur, and who will then solve the problem when there’s no doctor nearby?

A future daddy can tell the future mommy that such ideas aren’t safe and he can suggest a wiser solution. I believe that Nina won’t have such ideas. If she’d still want to be more connected with the baby, I will recommend her to use a leash, which is still a safer choice.

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