9 interesting facts about pregnancy

9 interesting facts about pregnancy

Attention, all the facts listed below, are scientifically proven, even though it looks like they’re the result of my imagination.

1. Children can recognize the taste of food that their mother ate while they are still in the womb. So be careful with the combination of acidic cucumbers with ice cream.

2. With the stimulation of nipples, you can induce contractions in future mather. If you do that in the first three months of pregnancy, do not expect contractions anyway.

3. Most of the twins in the world are born in Central Africa.

4. From the second trimester, infants urinate in the uterus and then drink it. Again and again. Maybe that is the reason that after birth (fortunately) we don’t do this any more.

5. Pregnant women and new mothers can start to produce milk if they hear a random baby cry. Therefore, it is not advisable for them to go around kindergarten to often.

6. Rabbits, dogs, piglets, whales and people have something in common. Like eggs, we all measure 0.2 mm.

7. Every 2,000 children a child is born who has at least one teeth at birth.

8. What happened to pregnant woman brains I already wrote in blog post Women’s brains shrink during pregnancy. Feet and the heart on the other way – increase.

9. Infant fingerprints are generated in the third month of pregnancy. That means that from then, they can’t leave them on the crime scene.

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