7 most common fears of future dads

7 most common fears of future dads

What are we (future dads) afraid of? And how our future moms can help to calm us down, even though we should be the ones calming them down.

  • Will I do everything right?
    Advice from a mom-to-be: there’s no problem, if you don’t know everything, we’ll work on it together and we’ll make sure that the baby will grow up appropriately. We’ll be extra careful that the baby doesn’t fall on the ground.
  • Will the baby be center of attention?
    An answer from a mom-to-be: probably yes, for the first couple of years and then we’ll make another one.
  • Does it mean that I’ll have to grow up?
    An answer from the wife: don’t worry, you still have a couple of months left.
  • Will I be able to sleep?
    Answer: we’ll be awake at night, isn’t this romantic?
  • Am I going to be a good father?
    Answer: you probably won’t be the worst.
  • Will the poop and diapers lay around all over the house?
    Answer: not if you’ll take care of it.
  • Will I be able to calm the baby when he cries?
    Answer: don’t worry, you’ll be able to cry together.
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