6 steps to imperfect home

A nest – 6 steps to imperfect home

Our nest, therefore, our home where we currently live is clean, minimalistic and furry. I’m not hairy as a caveman but hair is everywhere because of our cats. And it causes the only problem in our home.

Soon everything will change. Here are 6 steps how to turn your home into something completely different.

1st step – the bedroom

At the moment the bedroom is our only oasis of peace and relaxation, and the only uncontaminated space in terms of cat hair. The room is so large that you’re able to do some gymnastic elements in it. What’s next? Someone will have to install a baby crib, changing table, storage for diapers and other pieces. We are thinking about hiring an architect so that we’ll be able to leave the bedroom without performing any gymnastic elements on our way out. But as you can see in the picture above, the bedroom still looks nice, don’t you think?

2nd step – the bathroom

Peeing, pooping and showering will never be the same. There will be some accessories at the toilet so that the child can do whatever he/she wants. And some of the accessories will also be in a bathtub. It’s a good thing that the neighbouring apartment is quite close and we can make some kind of a pact about the shared bathroom!

3rd step – the kitchen

These are the things you can currently find in our fridge: hot pepperoni, mouldy cheese, something in a bag and some things in different foils, and we also have some of the vegetables for a healthier look. It’s like a beautiful still life picture. In a few months, our fridge will turn into a paradise full of baby food and bottles. Well, at least the foil will probably stay.
In the next post, I’ll talk about other steps.

4th step – the hallway

At the moment we only have enough space for shoes, jackets, and cats in the hallway. It’ll get even more interesting when it becomes a parking lot for a cart.

5th step – the living room

The place which is the center of living and the future center of everything child will have. Toys, books, diapers, food scraps and my lego bricks will soon fill up the place. Moving around will be easier for us because we’ll learn some gymnastic elements while getting out of the bedroom.

6th step – the balcony

Another space which was meant to be a relaxing oasis but is now long gone. The balcony offers a wonderful view of the cemetery, has two recliners and a variety of flowers, which gives you the feeling that you’re somewhere beautiful. But now, of course, that is cats place, with all their stuff and eaten flowers.

But that’s not all! There’s a dark place far away from the people. And I’m not talking about the cemetery which I can see through the window, I’m talking about the basement which offers a lot of comfort when it’s clean and empty. There’s still a hope that nest becomes home again once kids grow up and cats get old, and lose their hair.

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