39th week of pregnancy

39th week of pregnancy

Another week of pregnancy is ahead. The child is feeling comfortable in the abdomen and will remain in a safe shelter for some more time.

• is already fully prepared for childbirth,
• is somewhere near the pelvic entrance,
• nicely practice breathing,
• stretches joyfully and sometimes wants to go free trough mother’s belly.

• remains with false concussions,
• gets up around 4-5 am,
• is in a new breeding phase (housing cleaning etc.),
• enjoys the last moments of pregnancy,
• goes to the toilet 3 times per night, waking up dad thinking that the crucial moment has come.

• knows that only every 20th baby is born on time so that he is “ready” for all possible dates,
• also enjoys the last moments of pregnancy,
• tries to sleep as long as possible,
• always has at least half the battery in the phone so that everyone can hear the good news when a boy comes into the world.

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