38th week of pregnancy

38th week of pregnancy

Is it the latest blog post about pregnancy? You never know.

• weights 3000 grams already,
• is much more than 50 cm long,
• pressure on the mother nerves because it develops medical bones,
• is already in the right position with his head down,
• is still flexible despite constriction.

• already has false concussions,
• has a reasonable amount of additional weight to carry,
• is a regular guest at a gynaecologist,
• is getting up very early,
• has a nicely swollen ankle.

• already has false concussions,
• has already said at work that he can leave at any time,
• has already put the shell in the car for the test,
• has the phone with him at all time,
• is already looking for spirits in the liquor store, for celebrating a birth.

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