37th week of pregnancy

37th week of pregnancy

The real countdown is already underway. It could be the last pregnancy post!

• weighs about 2,800 grams,
• is losing hair that covered his body,
• gets rid of the creamy substance on the skin that protects the body,
• already creates the first poop – meconium,
• still kicking merrily, even though he has very little space now.

• has already written down the maternity ward number in a visible place,
• has pain appropriate to the extra weight it carries,
• eats lots of watermelons and ice cream,
• sleeps a little at night and little during the day,
• has a small ankle sprain but is still gorgeous.

• works hard by mounting the shell in the car,
• looks at the latest illustrative birth recordings, which does not help him at all,
• is every day asking the partner where the maternity bag is,
• practising breathing exercises,
• is parking the car closer and closer to being ready for action.

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