36th week of pregnancy

36th week of pregnancy

I’ve been waiting for months so I can say now: the last month is here!

• it is almost half a meter long,
• gain around 30 grams each day,
• can be born today, since it is fully developed, it only gains weight,
• should already be turned upside down,
• slowly begins to descend into the uterus.

• feeling increasingly uncomfortable,
• wants to get to know her son as soon as possible,
• has weekly appointments at the gynaecologist,
• should do exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor,
• still has insomnia.

• is also increasingly eager to meet his son,
• asks the mother every day where the maternity bag is,
• probably cleaned the car for the last time (at least for a while),
• already thinking about where the baby will bathe and how cats can help,
• already jumps at every partner’s call or message.

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