33rd week of pregnancy

33rd week of pregnancy

It’s only 7 weeks until birth. Well if the baby boy will agree with that.

• measures around 44 centimetres,
• weighs more than 2 kilograms,
• strongly kicking mommy into the bladder, ribs, and everywhere else,
• is almost completely developed, in the coming weeks it will mostly gain weight and size,
• does not take part in the school for parents very much he rather kicking his mother.

• would slowly start a maternity leave if she would be employed,
• need to buy breastfeeding bra,
• goes peeing several times a night,
• attentively attends school for parents,
• is currently in a nesting season.

• can see kicks in partners belly from distance, all that looks like a child want to greet his dad,
• has at home a false form for maternity leave, but that is at least paperwork start,
• reads instructions for a child seat,
• every night looks at the baby stroller and he just can not wait to drive his son,
• weights over 75 kilos!

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