31st week of pregnancy

31st week of pregnancy

Just a few weeks before giving birth, the situation is like this:

     • has about 40 cm, which is still less than … my foot number,
     • is properly rounded,
     • opens and, of course, also closes the eyes,
     • is listening to the sounds from the outside world.

     • have bigger breasts than week ago,
     • will only breathe harder and harder, due to the ever smaller abdominal cavity,
     • has occasional pain in the back,
     • can already begin to update the knowledge of children’s songs.

     • Has no bigger breasts,
     • is happy that his partner has bigger breasts,
     • regularly checks the power of children’s kicking and feels enthusiastic,
     • every morning peacefully drink coffee, while he can,
     • prepared an additional shelf for children’s clothing.

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