30th week of pregnancy

30th week of pregnancy

We’re already at number 30!

• He has developed all his senses to the end: taste, touch, hearing, smell and vision,
• practice breathing. Through his lungs, of course, the fluid still flows, not the air,
• will acquire about 230 g per week over the next seven weeks,
• currently weighs about 1.3 kg,

• Feels that the skin around the stomach is increasingly tense and tight,
• observes her movement, so she doesn’t overturn anything with her stomach,
• even if she overturn anything, she quickly forgets that because of her memory problems,
• want to be seen by other people, she is so proud to be pregnant.

• observes that the passers-by do not observe too much,
• does not have so big stomach but he easily overturns stuff,
• already have some senses weakened,
• must sign a statement if he wishes to be registered in the newborn’s birth certificate. This does not apply to married couples.

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