28th Week of pregnancy

28th week of pregnancy

A new week and new changes are here.

• it’s getting more rounder,
• in this week his testicles will move to the groin area,
• it’s starting to open and close his eyes,
• only sleeps for 20, 30 minutes at once,
• is larger than 40 centimetres.

• is in a period when the uterus changes most,
• will receive an injection if RhD is negative,
• is very excited about her ever-growing tummy,
• will have more and more frequent doctor reviews,
• will be slowly looking for a pediatrician.

• is helping the pregnant wife with putting shoes on,
• is emptying bedroom for children’s furniture,
• happily assembling children’s furniture,
• still have stupid questions about pregnancy,
• is slowly aware that he will become a father.

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