27th Week of pregnancy

27th week of pregnancy

The baby:
• is entering the period when it’s gaining the mass,
     • he already weighs so much that we can use a kilogram unit,
     • has more and more clothes in the father’s closets,
     • the ears are covered with some sort of a slimy protector,
     • basically, it looks like how he will look like at birth.

• these weeks she has been gaining weight, but she is still perfect,
     • is undoubtedly pregnant, even in the eyes of laymen,
     • has a greater uterus that is pressing on internal organs,
     • needs daily rest,
     • needs to eat 300 calories more than before on a daily basis.

• adheres to his lean line,
     • has fewer things in his closets,
     • no longer has any morning sickness,
     • has clean ears,
     • it looks better now than he will at birth.

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