26th week of pregnancy

26th week of pregnancy

Let’s see what’s new this week.

The baby:
• weighs about 800 g,
     • this week his lungs are mostly developing,
     • can listen to the music from our world,
     • eyelashes are already dense and lush,
     • fats are starting to gather under the skin.

• it’s getting harder to find a comfortable sleeping position,
     • is hungry even at night,
     • has the feeling that she’s wearing a soccer ball or a small watermelon inside of her,
     • needs daily rest,
     • is frequently using a monster.

• he talks with friends about expecting the baby,
     • wants his baby to get used to the gangster rap, but Nina doesn’t like this,
     • at night he doesn’t pee and eat,
     • he also wants a daily rest,
     • takes the monster when the mother goes to pee at night.

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