25th week of pregnancy

25th week of pregnancy

Let’s see what the new week brought.

The baby:

• is moving and exercising a lot,

     • weighs about 700 g,

     • its appearance is becoming more round,

     • he already has some hair on his head,

     • he can hear the rattling of mommy’s gut and the beating of her heart.


• is in the phase, when it’s important where the placenta is,

     • she can still do some sports activities but in modest amounts,

     • her belly is becoming longer and wider,

     • she’s thinking about 3D – 4D ultrasound,

     • she likes to eat good and a lot.


• he noticed that the bed is still in the bedroom,

     • he’s dealing with sports activities in too moderate amounts,

     • he’s thinking about the new 3D graphics card,

     • he’s trying to be helpful,

     • he still has hair on his head.

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