23th week of pregnancy

23rd week of pregnancy

Even this week didn’t pass without any changes!

The baby:
• lungs are growing rapidly, although they’ll continue to float in fetal water for some time,
• he is already quite active and is kicking, and boxing his mommy,
• at the store I could already say “half a kilo of white bread, please”
• but they would be weirdly looking at you, because the skin is pink in 23rd week,
• his body is squished and wrinkled.

• is hungry!
• has to eat extra dietary supplements, especially iron,
• has symptoms of weakness, dizziness, fatigue, gasess, …
• the belly is nicely rounded, there is no more suitable clothes for her,
• needs comfortable shoes to easily move around the room.

• is listing baby cart catalogs,
• is buying iron,
• his skin is finer and better than little squishy’s, but he still receives less attention,
• his symptoms of weakness have been the same for years, regardless of pregnancy,
• reads a novel about paternity leave.

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