22th week of pregnancy

22nd week of pregnancy

The “regular” weekly post is already here and it brings interesting changes!

The baby:
•  his taste buds are developing,
• his tongue, if stretched, it would measure about 20 centimeters,
• we can already say his weight in kilograms because he weighs about 0.5 kg, it depends on how rich his dinner was,
• his head is becoming hairier,
• he’s already touching his face with his tinny arms.

• her taste buds are still in their own world, supporting different combinations of food,
• even an inexperienced eye can already see that my wife is pregnant and that enlarged belly is not the result of food experimentation,
• however, the weight is perfect,
• sometimes Braxton Hicks contractions occur, and they have nothing to do with giving birth,
• she is often touching her belly so that she can catch a boy’s kick.

• his taste buds still prefer grilled meat,
• even an experienced eye can’t notice that I will become a father,
• the face is disproportionately hairy,
• there are no contractions,
• he sometimes touches his belly in case if there’s anything kicking.

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