20th week of pregnancy

20th Week of pregnancy

New week, new changes!

The baby:
• is already responding to the touches,
• the baby’s size is around 230 mm,
• it’s heavy as 300 g of apples, which is somewhere about 300 g,
• his skin is covered with soft hairs, which will fall off before birth,
• tomorrow we’ll find out the gender of our baby!

• she already feels the movement of the baby,
• her belly is already well rounded,
• weight for the 20th week is perfect,
• a fetus is already pressing on her bladder, that’s why mommy pees a lot,
• she eats as much as she pees.

• he already feels the movement of the baby,
• dad’s brain is developing because he began thinking about a school for future parents,
• his weight remains at the level of a vital male,
• morning sickness is gone,
• because there’s no beer in the fridge, dad is peeing normally.

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