Animal testing

My wife and I are proud owners of two cats, and because of that, I have a chance to practice cuddling with them. By doing so I’ve learned what is it like to hold and cuddle 3.5 kilograms of fur. Before my wife got pregnant, none of our animals wanted to cuddle, but with the […]

Daddy’s morning sickness

When we started talking about an idea of having a baby, everything started moving to this direction. We looked for some ovulation tests, different sorts of gherkins (for me, not for my wife) and of course a car (caravan). Even a dad must have something bigger during and after the pregnancy. I’m not talking about […]

Once upon a time …

… is the beginning of most of the fairy tales. And since it will also be a fairy tale for me it should be written in this style. But before we begin, here is a brief explanation: Blogs about pregnancy and other child-related events are mostly written by mommies but this blog differs from others […]

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