I hear voices

Ever since we found out that it’s a boy, there’s already a confusion and the baby wasn’t even born yet. My wife often talks to him, and I’m the one answering back. I think that I heard my wife talking to someone quietly. At first, I thought she was talking on the phone, but the […]

Baby cart on a lease

When I first started reading the description of “a vehicle” in the catalogue, I first thought that I’m buying a car. I quote: “… a new cart for off-road driving, easy and convenient to use. Fully equipped modular system … “ The other characteristics of the cart are all admirable: technologically advanced chassis, sports seat […]


You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to include a monster into a blog about pregnancy. Oh yes, it’s possible, just keep on reading. I’ve already mentioned something about the gadgets for pregnant women. However, there is one thing that isn’t as useful as the portable ultrasound device. I’m talking about sleeping pillow for pregnant women. […]

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