1st workshop for a dad-to-be

1st workshop for a dad-to-be

This happy day or a dad-to-be goes to his first workshop. I’ll be one step closer to becoming a great dad. This wish is of course only in my head, but it’s not wrong to give it a try.

It’s quite handy that my aunt is a co-founder and president of the Association of natural beginnings. It’s an association that informs and offers a free choice and support regarding the pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood. It’s also a very useful thing for me too.

At the lecture were mostly pregnant women. Well, luckily, there were also some men, so I wasn’t an endangered species. I was afraid that I’ll have to show in front of everyone how to cheer up the pregnant woman in less than a minute or how to prepare a survival kit for a trip to the maternity hospital.

Luckily, the pregnant women were in the front, and men were just nodding and wisely agreeing with everything in the background.

I learned new positions … Probably at least 50% of you (men) thought about Kamasutra, but I’m talking about birth positions. That’s good for me! I was always too stiff for Kamasutra, so the term super lover is not valid in my case. Maybe I have better options for becoming a super daddy!

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