12 reasons why it's better to give birth today than in 1983

12 reasons why it’s better to give birth today than in 1983 – Part 1

Just think of the fact that back then there was no internet and blogs where you could get useful tips about pregnancy.

Comparison with the year 1983 was made because I was born at the time. I found 12 facts why it’s better to be born in today’s time than back then.

  1. Fast pregnancy tests – nowadays waiting for 2 – 3 minutes for dashes to appear on the tester seems quite long, back then it was necessary to wait for hours to test the urine at the laboratory.
  2. Pregnancy fashion – at that time the term didn’t quite exist yet, and clothing also suited the era, but today many non-pregnant women want to become pregnant so that they can wear wonderful clothes.
  3. Selfie – if a man doesn’t know how to take a photo of a pregnant woman, she can do it by herself.
  4. The first touch – when I crawled out of my mom, I was first washed, combed, weighed, measured, and I don’t know what else before my tormented mother got me into her arms. Today, mom holds her baby who is still bloody, wrinkled and still tethered through the umbilical cord.
  5. Internet – without it I would still skim through the old lexicons if the baby is a fish.
  6. Fathers in the birth room – something that was once considered inconceivable today is as normal as 7 reality shows per week.

I’ll post the second part of the reasons on the next post.

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