12 reasons why it's better to give birth today than in 1983 part. 2

12 reasons why it’s better to give birth today than in 1983 – Part 2

So, here it is, the second part of 12 reasons why it’s better to give birth today than in 1983.

7. Cutting the umbilical cord – become a surgeon for a day, too! In case of nausea or unconsciousness the experienced assistants will help you.

8. Social networks – in 1983, you had to take your phone book and call all friends and acquaintances, neighbors, postmen, carpenters and butchers, and let them know the good news. Today, you can just post the news through social networks; #born! #53cm #3700g @maternityward #happyandhealthy and the vast majority will be informed.

9. Gender reveal before the baby is born – in the past all children’s rooms and equipment were first neutral green but today everything is different.

10. 3D ultrasound – the advancement of technology is invaluable in this case, since you can see your baby after a few weeks of being pregnant. With portable ultrasound, you can become a researcher in the comfort of your living room. Priceless!

11. Pregnancy apps – another, not so essential option offered by technology. There are a lot of apps available to monitor baby’s development. I don’t use them myself, but some people are happy to use them while waiting for the birth.

12. Captured moments – the wife’s belly is moving, quickly record it! Today, in theory, this is doable if you have a full battery, enough memory, and if you find the phone. In the past you could only watch and record it with your own eyes.

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