10+ foolishness of the Slovenian bureaucracy

10+ foolishness of the Slovenian bureaucracy

Today Nina and I began to fill out an application to claim the right to paternity leave and to apply for paternity supplement.
The pressure in my head was growing quite fast and it was getting worse from minute to minute as I struggled between ambiguous and unclear questions.

Let’s start with an application to claim the right to parental supplement. Here is the sequence of different stupidity:

  1. The application is supposed to be submitted after childbirth, and the first question is as it follows: “I declare that I have an intended date of birth on __.” Why is this date important?
  2. The following indent says: “Employee/recipient of unemployment benefit in another EU Member State / third country.” I had to read the statement several times before I even understood what they wanted from me. But that’s not all! Below this statement is a line that allows you to write something in extremely small font.
  3. There is space for up to two children in the Information about the child. Does this mean that more than two children cannot be born at the same time?
  4. Quite a vague statement about how the right to parental supplement is applied: “I apply the right to parental benefit in agreement with the other parent, or I apply the right to parental benefit in agreement with the other parent”. What?!
  5. The last point in the application allows you to circle: I do NOT want parental supplement. Which chimpanzee remembered that you could fill the whole application and then write that you don’t want the supplement for which you fill the form?!

Let’s look at the application for paternity leave where more of a bad mood is guaranteed.

  1. You need two forms to use paternity leave if you want to use it in two parts. Even if you already know the exact dates.
  2. The statement of the mother is also in the application: “I, the undersigned mother of the child, declare that the applicant protects and cares for the child / will nurture and protect the child.” The comment is probably superfluous.
  3. A lot of information must also be filled in by the employer. Among other things are payroll, various withholdings and other things that the accounting department is likely to have to deal with.
  4. The last page contains many articles and conditions that must be observed to apply for paternity leave.

The problem with applying for paternity leave arises because it must be submitted when you wish to use it. In practice, this means:

  1. When my wife gives birth, I have to jump in the car and drive to my employer.
  2. I must then deliver the signed application to the right administration office.
  3. It is probably difficult to arrange paternity leave, regarding that you do not know exactly what day, hour and minute the woman will give birth. Strange, isn’t it?

After all this chaos, I wonder who makes up these forms? It is probably a person with an incomplete elementary school who has not seen the child up close. And also does not know that at the time of childbirth we do not have time to fill in papers with stupid questions and the illogical timeline of submitting them.

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