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I am not a real ninja, just a father and sometimes being a father is like being the ninja.

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34th week of pregnancy

For the most part, things are already ready, just waiting for the boy to come into the world. Child: • is almost fully developed, only lung development is not finished, • weighs more than 2.2 kilograms, • is increasingly cramped, so he no longer kicks so hard. Mother: • slowly need to pack the bag […]

Back to school!

And it started! I can go back to school again, although I was a bit disappointed at the first appointment because I didn’t need a notebook, colour pens and slippers. In a health centre where we have school for parents, a real small invasion of pregnant women has come, mostly accompanied by future fathers. At […]

33rd week of pregnancy

It’s only 7 weeks until birth. Well if the baby boy will agree with that. Child: • measures around 44 centimetres, • weighs more than 2 kilograms, • strongly kicking mommy into the bladder, ribs, and everywhere else, • is almost completely developed, in the coming weeks it will mostly gain weight and size, • […]

I hold it for the first time!

I’m talking about a baby, of course, but not about ours. Nina’s friend got a baby and it was also an excellent opportunity for me to see how a small, one-day-old child looks like. But let’s go slowly, step by step. We went to the maternity hospital, where also our son will be born. So […]

32nd week of pregnancy

It’s only eight weeks before birth, but the changes are still going on. Child: • weighs about one kilogram and a half, which is only half a kilogram less than two kilograms, • has already pleasantly soft skin, • reached the peak of boxing career in the uterus, • is already so cramped that there […]

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