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I am not a real ninja, just a father and sometimes being a father is like being the ninja.

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Missed holidays

When you have a baby at home, every day is a holiday, so sometimes you forget about the real holidays. Since Christmas is already over, I can only hope you had a great time, and I wish you all as many fun moments as possible in the new year… and planned kids!

A great journey with baby …

… we can call that every time we go somewhere. Everything is going differently than a few months ago when preparations for departure went like this: Get the car keys. Find a car. Drive towards the goal. At present time, things are mostly in the following order: Feed the baby. Swaddle the baby. Dress the […]

Carrot Adventures

After four months and more than 100 bottles of milk, Oskar hit the table and said: “Deghhh!”. That probably meant that he had enough milk and that he wanted some real food. Nina and I were therefore looking for suitable vegetables that would represent his first dense food. Carrots were sacrificed for that purpose. Nina […]

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